Dad, I’m sorry that I can't get first place. (Parent's Day Special)

Dad, I’m sorry that I can't get first place. (Parent's Day Special)

Dad, I’m sorry that I can't get first place.

Every watch represents feelings and also loves.

When I was 9 years old, I felt envious to see my classmate in his awesome new digital watch. I was born in a poor family. My dad was a casual worker and my mom used to sew and repair clothes for people. Toys were kind of luxury stuff for my family. So, forget about watches.
kids-birthday.jpgI was just too young and stubborn. On my 9th birthday, I begged my dad to buy me a digital watch that has light in it. Halfway through the negotiation, we made a deal that if I got first place for my exam, he would buy one for me. Unfortunately, I was so disappointed when I got my result because I only got second place in class.

red-digital-watch.jfifI remember that one night, I went to shower after I came home from my tuition class. Right after I showered, my dad came home and he stopped me when he saw me. 
I walked towards him, he held my hand and passed me a bag. Out of curiosity, I opened up the bag and it was a watch in the bag! 
It was the awesome digital watch that I’ve always dreamed of! The one that has light just like my classmate’s. And it was my favourite colour, red. 
My eyes were watery as I was really happy and touched but I felt guilty at the same time. I looked at my dad and just before I was about to say something, he patted my head and said: “Son, I know you have tried your very best to score with flying colours and this is your present.” I burst all my tears out and gave my dad a long warm hug.

hugging dad.jpg

Every watch represents feelings and also loves. Parents are always reluctant to spend unnecessary things on themselves but they always give the best to their children no matter what.

On this coming Parents' day, I have prepared a classic couple watch to give to my parents who always love me more than anything else. I would really love to share my feelings when I first received that precious gift from them.

Happy Parents' Day!

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